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Month: November, 2015

Is an Online Sex Chat worth your money?

The whole thing about the sex webcam industry in the internet is that it’s a mad race to the bottom. A lot of people are thinking that there’s tons of money to be made in online porno. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but that isn’t the case. Whatever gold needed to be mined was mined a long time ago. A long time ago, some poor sucker would whip out his credit card for free porno, or so he thought, and then wake up to find out on his credit card bill that he actually got billed by 10 other porno companies. That’s what you call a cross sale.

Credit card companies have been cracking downs such billing practices, and this has really put a pressure on the bottom line of many adult entertainment companies. That’s why a lot of them are moving over to offering sex chat online and live porn chat with sexy cam models who will also give you a great cam show and sexual live entertainment. Because let’s face it, if you’re just looking for pre-recorded porno, the internet is overflowing with that stuff, and you never ever need to whip out your credit card for that type of entertainment. That’s just the reality.

Seeing that this is happening, adult companies have moved to live entertainment in the form of webcams. Even there, the development has been towards free. A lot of these free webcam sex shows are just engineered to try to get you to go into privatecams. That’s where the real money is made. Now this begs the question “Are these online sexchat sites worth your time and money”?

The good news is, yes. If you pick the right site, like and the right model, you’re in for a good time. However, if you pick somebody who’s just trying to drag out the time, you probably are going to end up getting fucked in the worst way possible. You might get fucked financially. So pay attention to the attitude of the model you’re working with.